Legal Matters: From Notaries to Typists

Yo yo yo, legal matters, let’s get it right,
From notary contracts to typists in sight.
Is recording phone conversations legal? Well, check the site,
‘Cause laws and guidelines can be outta sight.
What’s the legal guardian meaning? It’s all in the game,
Responsibilities and rights, it’s never the same.
Wanna know how a notary can shine so bright,
Get government contracts as a notary, day and night.
And for all you Apple lovers, it’s time to delve,
Into the apple iOS software license agreement, understand it well.
When it comes to the SEC, you gotta play it tight,
Know the SEC audit committee requirements to stay in the light.
In Ontario, when you gotta leave, you need a sign,
The exit sign requirements – gotta know that line.
What goes down in court? Let me give you a clue,
The role of the typist in court, it’s important too.
Need a boarder agreement? Don’t fret, I got your back,
Get the boarder agreement template, on the right track.
Legal jobs in Madrid? They’re calling your name,
Find legal job opportunities, in the legal game.
Separation agreements in North Carolina, they’re free,
Get the free separation agreement template, just for thee.

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