Funny Celebrity Dialog: Legal Contracts and Agreements

Kanye West Kim Kardashian
Hey Kim, did you know online auctions are actually legal? Oh really? I had no idea. I wonder if they have a section for designer handbags!
Speaking of legal stuff, have you seen the new AMC contract format for CCTV cameras? Oh yeah, I’ve heard about it. I think we need to update our security system at the mansion.
Do you know what happens when the Directv NFL Sunday Ticket contract expires? No idea, maybe we should ask our lawyer to look into it.
Hey Kim, how long do you think party wall agreements last? Probably longer than most of my marriages! But seriously, I think it depends on the specific agreement.
I remember when we had to establish ground rules for workshop participants at one of our events. Oh yeah, that was a lot of work. But it’s important to stay legally compliant.
Have you ever downloaded a shareholders agreement? No, but I’ve definitely signed a few in my time!
Kim, do you remember when we had to go over the details of the NIU housing contract? Yeah, that was a nightmare. But at least we got it sorted in the end.
What would you do if a tenant breached their rental contract? I’d probably call our lawyer and let them handle it. I don’t have time for that drama!
Hey Kim, have you checked out those MBA business law notes? No, but I might need them if I ever decide to go back to school!
Kim, have you ever used a model independent contractor agreement for any of your business deals? No, but I’ve definitely had some interesting contracts over the years!
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